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We are impartial seekers of truth. By functioning as independent assessors, we are able to provide unbiased and impartial information that is valid, reliable, and psychologically sound. We understand our clients have important decisions to make and make it our goal to equip them with the facts they need to proceed with confidence.


Clinical Neuropsychologist

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Dr. Sid Binks has given depositions and expert testimony (criminal and civil courts) in Federal Court, Military Court (Naval), Immigration Court as well as in the state courts of Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and Delaware in matters related to criminal responsibility, dangerousness, competency to stand trial, asylum, death penalty, aid-in-sentencing, disability, civil liability and financial competency.

Notable cases he has testified in have included multiple US vs. John W. Hinckley release hearings and both Maryland vs. Ruthann Aron’s criminal responsibility trials.  He specializes in diagnosing neurocognitive disorders and malingering, and, their interface with psychiatric illnesses in forensic settings. 

Dr. Binks is also an approved BAP evaluator for the NFL concussion settlement.


Our firm specializes in how brain-behavior relationships have relevance in the legal system and typically requires board certification in clinical neuropsychology. For example, many brain disorders such as traumatic brain injury, dementia, stroke, intellectual disability, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder play an important role in impacting neurocognitive functioning and emotional behavior which, in turn, can have impact upon decision making, memory, insight and judgement – factors often relevant in the legal arena.


What our clients Say

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"Dr. Sid Binks has always been my first go-to neuropsychologist when I thought a client of mine would benefit from a thorough evaluation. I could trust Dr. Binks to be incredibly warm, professional, and discerning as to what would reveal the most pertinent information without overwhelming the client. Even my survivor clients suffering from disabling PTSD and dissociative disorders—those most activated at the idea of working with a man—found that Dr. Binks provided a haven of safety and trauma-sensitivity that was healing in its own right. I highly recommend Dr. Sidney Binks and hold him in high esteem."


Becky Carroll, PhD, SEP

Psychologist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

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